About Dress the Chef

Chef Works Launches Dress the Chef

What is Dress the Chef©?

Dress the Chef© is Chef Works very own mobile, product visualization application. Dress the Chef© allows you and your customers the ability to create multiple outfits (i.e “looks”) by dressing up to 3 different digital mannequins and even placing them into their working environments.

Dress the Chef© features include:

  • Quick search by item category;
  • Locate apparel by color, item code, or style;
  • Drag-and-drop clothing on a mannequin;
  • Place dressed mannequins into working environment;
  • Ensembles can be shared via email or text with a detailed JPEG or PDF.

How does Dress the Chef© work?

Dress the Chef© gives you a distinct advantage by being able to immediately let your customers see what they are visualizing. Chef Works products are overlaid onto digital mannequins so the buyer can easily visualize the chosen looks; assisting in shortening the decision process. This interactive program combines technology and practicality to create a whole new customer experience within the culinary apparel industry.

Getting Started with Dress the Chef©

To get started today you will need a special code to complete registration and begin using the program. Simply click here and push the start button. You will be asked to quickly register which allows you to save and share your looks!

Your special code: PR1429

We also have a quick training manual prepared to help you navigate through the program features and answer any commonly asked questions. Click here to review the Dress the Chef Manual.

If you have questions, feedback, or need assistance with anything please email us at sales sales@chefworks.com.hk and a technician will respond to you promptly.

Please note that the application was developed to be used on an iPad but is also compatible with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Safari (Recommended Browser), and Chrome.